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John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years


John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years, the latest book by Vanguard's founder, is now available in bookstores and online.

In his book—the first volume in McGraw-Hill's new series, "Great Ideas in Finance"—mutual fund industry pioneer and visionary John C. Bogle offers his provocative ideas about finance and economics, the mutual fund industry, the risks and returns of investing, and stewardship and idealism. Through a series of essays, he describes the investment wisdom and human values that formed the foundation for Vanguard's success, including:

  • The majesty of simplicity.
  • The powerful economics of long-term investing.
  • The importance of low costs.
  • The common-sense appeal of index investing.

The Princeton Thesis...Plus

The First 50 Years features Mr. Bogle's 1951 thesis on the mutual fund industry (published for the first time) and explores his early career, his creation of Vanguard, his reflections on key market events, and his vision of how the fund industry can better serve investors in the 21st century.


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