Commission-free trades* and we'll prepare the paperwork

Roll over $100,000 or more in retirement assets to Vanguard and we will personally manage your rollover from start to finish. We'll contact your current institutions and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Rolling over now can pay off for years to come

While you don't need to sell your existing retirement investments when you roll over to Vanguard, we offer more than 70 no-load, low-cost funds that are right for retirement investing. And if you do rebalance using Vanguard mutual funds or ETFs, you won't pay any Vanguard Brokerage Services commission fees. With Vanguard's low-cost strategy, you'll pay less in expenses and keep more for yourself.

* Offer rules
Mutual funds are subject to risk. Target retirement funds are subject to the risks associated with their underlying funds.

Rolling over is easy

With help from our retirement specialists, moving your retirement assets to Vanguard is a simple process.

Listen as a Vanguard retirement specialist helps an investor get started. (Audio length: 2:05)

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Tips for handling an IRA rollover

Listen to an episode from our Plain Talk on Investing podcast series.

Great new reasons to roll to a Roth

There are plenty of smart reasons to diversify your retirement portfolio with a Roth IRA.

A simpler way to invest well

Vanguard® Target Retirement Funds offer multifund portfolios designed and managed according to your life stage.